What is infra-red cooking?

Infra-red cooking is simply energy transferred directly from one source (the ceramic burner) to the object being heated (the steak, fish, etc.) The Texas Sizzler uses a ceramic burner with thousands of evenly distributed ports that glow at 1600° to transfer the heat. Because of the even, high temperature transferred, your cooking will be unmatched by any other method of cooking.

The Food Cooked

Whether it be steak, hamburger, or fish, Infra-red cooking sears the food, locking in the flavorable juices and not drying out the food like a low temperature gas grill will. Just ask the cook at your local Ruths Chris Steak House!

Time Element

A traditional gas grill may take as long as 20-30 minutes to reach only 400-600 degrees. The Texas Sizzler, with its Infra-red burner, will reach 1600° in 3 minutes. WOW! What that means is that you will use your grill more often, especially on cold evenings.


A traditional gas grill is usually rated at 40,000 - 70,000 BTU's an hour. The Texas Sizzler with Infra-red technology only uses 15,000 BTU's per burner. That means you use less gas and that the L.P. tank will last longer.


We all hate when it happens. You know when you throw your steak on the grill and 5 minutes later the flame from the burner shoots up like a volcano and burns your meat to a crisp on the outside but leaves it raw on the inside. This won't happen with the Texas Sizzler. The Texas Sizzler with Infra-red technology cooks hot enough, 1600° to lock in those juices and prevent those hated "flare-ups".


Have you ever tried to cook catfish or steamed vegetables on a traditional grill. You can't. The Texas Sizzler offers many options other grills can only dream of.